ISLAMABAD: While answering 13 questions raised by the Panama Bench of the Supreme Court, the Panama Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has not held Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif responsible of any wrongdoing, it is learnt from the sources close to the JIT.

The JIT has cast some doubts about the prime minister in absence of any reasonable evidence but at no place has held the Prime Minister responsible of doing any illegal thing.

The JIT in its final report while giving its findings about question 5 has declared that the Sharif family could not provide sufficient evidence to establish the movement of money from Dubai to Qatar, from Qatar to Jeddah and from Jeddah to London as claimed by it before the JIT.

However, the JIT links this issue to Hussain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz (who are non-resident Pakistanis) and at the same time could not find out any evidence of any wrongdoing against these two regarding making ill-gotten money except expressing some doubts about some transactions made by other family members in 1990s.

Sources claim that JIT will admit in its report that regarding question 9 it could not find out the official evidence regarding ownership of offshore companies Nielsen and Nescoll. The sources said that JIT could not get any evidence to refute the position taken by the Sharif family regarding ownership of these two offshore companies which own four Park Lane London flats.

Sources claim that the JIT failed to find out answers to four questions; question 5, 7, 8 and 9. Sharif family has given detailed answers to these questions. The JIT is not satisfied from answers but at the same time could not obtain any evidence to prove the answers given by the Sharif family as wrong. Regarding last four questions; question 10, 11, 12 and 13, the JIT has mostly relied on the answers and evidences given by Sharifs. Sources say that JIT could not give any reasonably strong adverse finding against the Sharif family with regard to these last four questions.

According to the sources, regarding first four and sixth question, JIT has relied on the documentary evidences provided by the Sharif family and couldn’t get anything substantial against the submissions made before the apex court and statements made by the Sharfis before the JIT.

There were reports in media that the JIT members had obtained some substantial evidence from Dubai against Sharifs stance about their business transactions in the UAE in 1970s, but neither any question was asked about any such thing from the witnesses nor sources close to the JIT confirm any such thing.

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