The Defence Ministry has imposed a ban on protocol of private passengers at all airports of the country, said a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) official on Friday in Lahore.

The official said that the decision was taken by the Defence Ministry after some CAA employees were found involved in a protocol of a passenger who was carrying narcotics at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore few days back. The ban was recommended by the CAA Lahore, he added.

Allama Iqbal International Airport Manager Taimur Asghar confirmed the imposition of the ban. He said that several incidents have been reported at the airport in which the passengers carried drugs under the shelter of protocol.

“Sometime the officer who gives protocol to a passenger does not know that the passenger is carrying prohibited things and, in some cases, even the passenger does not know what he is carrying”. He added.

Taimur said that protocol of government officials and VVIPs and VIPs would be continued, but all other passengers would have to pass through same channels.

Meanwhile, Civial Aviation Authority Director General Captain Nadeem Yousafzai resigned from his office on Friday due to unknown reasons, said sources in Authority.

However, CAA spokesman Pervez George neither denied nor confirmed the news item. He said the CAA director general was not in his contact for the last several hours so he was not in a position to confirm or deny the news item. He said he himself was receiving such news from different quarters that the director general has resigned.

An officer of CAA, seeking anonymity, said that Capt Nadeem sent his resignation letter to the president of Pakistan rather than sending it to Ministry of Defence.