Pakistani missions in the UAE will be working in two shifts to accommodate the expected crowd of illegal Pakistani nationals during the upcoming two-month long amnesty period.

The UAE government last week announced an amnesty period starting from December 4 to February 3, 2013 for people staying in the country without legal documentation.

Jamil Ahmed Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to the UAE, said: “Both the Pakistan missions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have devised a full-fledged programme to take on the influx of thousands of amnesty seekers during that time.”

He said the missions will be working beyond working hours in two shifts. Airline and bank counters will also be established to facilitate the amnesty seekers so that a one-window operation can be made possible. In addition to this, three separate counters shall be established based on the nature of cases.

The first counter shall be for those who already possess an expired passport, the second for those who do not have a passport but possess a valid/expired Pakistan identity card and the third one for those who do not have any Pakistani identity documents at all. “Cases that do not have any Pakistani document shall be referred to Islamabad for verification of their national status,” he said.

Khan encouraged all Pakistanis who have over-stayed in the UAE beyond their visa validity to avail of this opportunity extended by the host government so that they may not face any retribution in future. He said that all Pakistani citizens living in the UAE should strictly adhere to local laws. “No violation is permissible in this regard,” he added.