Officials at the Afghan Ministry of Urban Development & Housing Affairs said on Sunday that the preparation process of Paghman hill castle which started around seven months ago for the new year festival purpose is now ready for utilization.

The officials say that the construction of castle and its surroundings has cost more than fifteen million dollars.

According to officials, a total of $6.5 million was allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Finance for preparing Paghman Hill.

According to the officials beside the palace a venue has been built for exhibitions of domestic products.

The officials say that the castle has three floors and is made of Afghanistan’s marble stone and wood from Kunar province. Its interior is decorated with handmade carpets and includes security cameras and emergency rooms.

Paghman hill castle was constructed to hold celebrations for the new Persian year and will host hundreds of domestic and foreign guests.

The preparation process began last March. With 700 people being employed by the project, the development effort had a huge impact on the economy of local communities.

The Nawroz Festival is an annual festival held in coordination amongst the Nawroz Zone countries. For the past four years, heads of states from the Nawroz Zone celebrate organize the festival in different places across the region each year. Last year’s Nawroz was celebrated in Turkmenistan.