Our Life was just borrowed.
We are only a guest or temporary tenant in this world.
We cannot live forever.
Forever is just a word.
We all have a lifeline.
A borderline that when we reach the edge that’s the time we say permanently Goodbye.
They say there’s a life after death .
Many say’s None..
Other’s doesn’t care what will happened next.
But for me “Come what May”..
As long as you accept Death is always present all the time.
And you have faith in your heart that “We live and Die when the time comes ”
You will not feel afraid or scared.
God knows the exact time when we need to give back our borrowed Life.
If you put all your trust and faith in Him.
Death is not scary at all.
So while you are here on this World .
Enjoy your Life.
Live Love Laugh to the max.
We have only one chance to Live.
One life to spend.
Don’t waste it thinking about death.
We can never go back.
Enjoy living your life with faith.
Fill it with amazing memories and laughter.
That when you died all the people around you will say..
He/She lived her/his life pleasantly and happily.
She/He will rest now permanently and peacefully.
God will shine Light upon her/him.
And let her/his soul rest in peace.
“All our departed Brothers and Sisters they will Permanently Gone but Never Forgotten”.



source: Nelia Vista