IT hasn’t been a good week for crocodiles or alligators.

Hot on the heels of a snake eating a crocodile after an epic duel in Queensland on Sunday, an otter has been caught on camera attacking and eating an alligator in the US.

The otter was spotted biting into the hide of a small alligator in a marsh, officials at Lake Woodruff National Park say.

It overpowered its prey before dragging it on to a bank, reports the New Zealand Herald.

A post from the US Fish & Wildlife Service reportedly said the animals were not visible on the bank, but “crunching noises” indicated the otter was eating the alligator.

Otters are apex predators in many freshwater habitats, the post said.

The otter attack follows a whopper snake that took on a croc at Lake Moondarra, near Mount Isa, on Sunday.

Mount Isa mother Tiffany Corlis was having breakfast nearby when canoeists racing on the lake alerted her about the endurance battle playing out nearby.

She grabbed her camera and took a series of shots that documented the enormous snake’s assault on the much smaller croc, which was about a metre long.

By the time Ms Corlis started watching, the snake had already coiled its body around the crocodile and was beginning to strangle it.