It’s an international channel with a regional outlook. Comedy Central HD, launched Saturday on the Dubai based broadcaster OSN and found on channel 207, aims to do more than simply bring its international stable of programs to the region.

As arguably network’s biggest star, the South African comic and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah explains, there will be a genuine commitment to showcasing some of the region’s biggest stars on the world stage. But not at the expense of his high profile gig, of course

“If someone like [Saudi comedian] Fahad Albutari will teach me then yes I will be exploring my Arabic and I believe I will be very good and he will no longer have a job,” the famously multilingual Noah says from the channel’s launch party in Dubai.

“That is really my plan, to take over the Arabic speaking comedians and bring it all together in one comedian which will save money and be good for the network and be cool for everybody.”

Jokes aside, Noah adds: “I really do want to learn Arabic though. I like to learn as many languages as I can. I guess technically I speak about six languages, but I don’t count the ones I can just hold a conversation in. I play a bit with Hindi, I tried to learn some Japanese, my Portuguese is not fluent so I don’t count those, but Arabic would be fun so if somebody will teach me I’m willing to learn. Yalla.”

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