Dubai: A one-year ban will be imposed on anyone who obtains a labour card with a company they are not really working for, said a senior Ministry of Labour official.

According to Humaid Bin Deemas Al Suwaidi, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, the ministry is determined to overcome the problem of false labour ties between sponsors and workers.

Al Suwaidi said the ministry is moving forward with the implementation of measures to reduce such practices. He said the failure of the employer to cancel or renew a labour card for a worker may be considered a deception.

“The ministry is investigating all companies who are asking the ministry to reduce fines on labour cards,” he said.

“We also check if this specific establishment is really operating effectively and the number of the workers sponsored by this company and also if the company is abiding by the labour law,” he said.

He said if all conditions required by the ministry are applicable the ministry may reduce the fine, especially if it is proved that the employer is not aware of the procedures necessary to issue or renew labour cards.

“It cannot be flexible if is shown that there is no real working relationship between the employer and the worker,” he said.

He said in such cases fines will be imposed on such companies and no new work permits will be issued to such companies until all issues are settled with the ministry.

He said the fine imposed for delaying issuing or renewing labour cards after 60 days from the date the worker enters the country or from the date of the expiration of the labour card is Dh1,000 for each month of delay or part thereof.

He said the Ministry of Labour last year referred to the public prosecution 297 companies proved to be closed and which had many workers still on their sponsorship.

He added that last year 950,000 labour cards were issued by the ministry to various companies in the country.

Workers who obtain false work permits from any company will not be allowed to work here for one year, he added.

source:  gulfnews