Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu has come up with a clear message to Israeli Arabs who have been angered by a recent police shooting of an Arab man – move out of Israel if you denounce the Jewish State.

Protests exploded in a number of Arab communities in Israel after police shot dead a man who attacked their vehicle on Saturday. He allegedly was shot as he was already walking away from the car.

Addressing the legislators from his right-wing Likud party, Netanyahu said: “To all those who are demonstrating and shouting their denunciation of Israel and support of a Palestinian state, I can say one simple thing: you are invited to move there – to the Palestinian Authority or to Gaza.”

“I can promise you the State of Israel will not put any obstacles in your way,” the Israeli leader added.

Ahmed Tibi, a prominent Arab-Israeli lawmaker and the leader of the Ta’al Arab party, said that Netanyahu’s comments showed the prime minister had “gone off the rails.”

Tibi accused Netanyahu of pandering to the far right of his Likud Party. Likud is holding a leadership vote in January amid speculation that a snap election will held within months… see more

source: RT