The UK has been urged to take urgent action after a study revealed that obesity is a greater burden to the country than armed violence, war and terrorism.

The study, conducted by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), said the UK’s “obesity crisis” costs almost £47bn every year.

That is second only to the £57bn annual toll smoking takes on the economy, it found.

“The global economic impact of obesity is increasing,” the study said

“Today obesity is jostling with armed conflict and smoking in terms of having the greatest human-generated global economic impact.”

The annual loss attributed to armed violence, war and terrorism was estimated at £43bn.

The study blamed the growing crisis on an inadequate response from the Government, branding its policy on obesity as “too fragmented to be effective”.

It also warned that investment in obesity prevention was “relatively low given the scale of the problem”.

According to the MGI, the UK spends less than £638m a year on obesity prevention programmes… see more

source: skynews