DISGRUNTLED students who missed out on getting to see President Obama speak at the University of Queensland have slammed the ticket allocation process as a ‘scandal’. But UQ Student Ashley Chandler took it to the next level, organising a tongue-in-cheek change.org petition which has already gathered over 170 likes about the ticket allocation process of the White House official event.

“This seems to me to be a scandal that would rank somewhere between Watergate and the 2011 Greenfield incident,” Chandler writes.
“There are many, many students who have contributed much to the UQ community who should have been offered the opportunity to attend, some even more deserving than me (maybe). “How about UQ Ambassadors who whore themselves out at Open Days and every other weekend to spruik the benefits of UQ to young, naive high school students who don’t realise that they’re about to enrol in an elitist, nepotistic university with little regard for its students or the practical skills they need to develop in order to thrive in their chosen career?

“With countless deserving and sensible-choice students excluded from the list, it leaves us in a position where we are unable to do anything but assume there must be some ulterior motive at play, some great conspiracy or discrimination. I’m inclined to think it is probably misogyny. After all, I am a woman and I was not invited and we all know that correlation is always causation”… see more

source: news.com.au