Nearly 50 years after John F Kennedy’s historic Cold War speech in Berlin, Barack Obama yesterday called for the United States and Russia to cut their nuclear arsenals as he visited the same city.

Speaking at the Brandenberg Gate from behind a wall of bullet-proof glass, the US president used the occasion to suggest a one-third reduction of American and Russian nuclear stockpiles.

He also issued a warning to the eurozone over the wisdom of austerity policies, saying the need to balance budgets should not distract from the ultimate economic goal of improving people’s lives.

His comment seemed particularly aimed at his German hosts and its pressure on southern eurozone neighbours such as Greece and Spain to slash government spending.

Mr Obama was confident Europe would pull through but said leaders would have to moderate their cost-cutting if youth unemployment went too high, to ‘ensure that we don’t just lose a generation’.

Mr Obama gave a more cautious speech than his usual soaring rhetoric – perhaps aware of comparisons with President Kennedy’s historic denunciation of communism with the phrase: ‘Ich bin ein Berliner!’

source: dailymail Uk