An New York Police Department terrorism detective caught in a viral video berating an Uber driver on Monday offered an apology on Friday, after his case was brought in front of the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

“I apologize. I sincerely apologize,” Detective Patrick Cherry, who had been part of the NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force, told WNBC-TV New York. “People shouldn’t be treated that way. I let my emotions get the better of me and I was angry. My intention was to be courteous and then we got into an argument. There was no intention to berate or hurt deeply the driver.”

The detective also offered to buy the driver dinner. “I’m willing to do whatever he needs to help. I would like him to accept it because it’s sincere.”

Cherry said that the Uber driver, identified by the police as Humayun Chaudhry, pulled up behind Cherry as he was parking his unmarked patrol car on a street in the West Village. Chaudhry, according to Cherry, yelled and gestured wildly, which is why Cherry claims he pulled him over to “clarify the problem.”

That’s when the driver “got smart,” said Cherry, refusing to give him his license and registration.

The viral YouTube video taken by passenger Sanjay Seth has been viewed almost 3 million times and depicts the detective ranting at the seemingly mild-mannered, apologetic driver.

“I don’t know where you’re coming from, where you think you’re appropriate in doing that; that’s not the way it works. How long have you been in this country?” yelled Cherry.

Chaudhry and Seth are seen in the video saying that the police officer should have used his blinker when pulling over.

“When I walked up, I was uptight. I wanted to know what the problem was. What did I do that was so wrong that I had to get chastised?” Cherry said. “I felt his driving actions were discourteous and impolite and when he stopped he said, ‘I’m not going to give you anything.’ ”

“I was upset that he refused to give me his license and registration and I yelled inappropriately,” Cherry added. “That’s not who I am, that’s not who I’ve been and that’s not how I conducted myself as an officer in New York City.”

The issue was brought in front of the Civilian Complaint Review Board this week, and Cherry has been placed on modified duty until the case is fully resolved.

source: ibtimes