The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has put in place a system whereby companies will be able to recruit employees under part-time contract, either within or outside the UAE.

Such employees – be they Emiratis or non-Emiratis – can work in professions in the first or second tier skill levels with more than one employer after obtaining a permit from the ministry. This does not require the first employer’s consent or any other party’s nod, subject to certain restrictions.

The move comes following a ministerial decree. Earlier, a decision was taken by Nasser Bin Thani Al Hamli, Minister of Human Resources, to update the part-time contract system. It comes in tandem with the ministry’s current employment system allowing employers to establish work relationships on a fixed or indefinite contractual basis.

The new system is aimed at enhancing and fortifying the flexibility of the current local labour market. Reducing expatriate labour demands and operational costs for workers are advantages that the system targets.

Part-time contracts (with less than 48 hours of work per week) also specify that the employee receives at least one-day off and are subject to all the rules and regulations of fixed and indefinite term contracts, Al Hamli added. Such a move will boost productivity levels for the labour market as a whole, he pointed out.

These contracts are specifically aimed at highly specialised professions requiring sophisticated scientific, technical and administrative set of skills of a high intellectual calibre. Al Hamli said that those who have qualifications of more than two or three years of institutional training fall in the purview of these occupations (in the first and second tier levels).

The first-time or original employers are designated by the status of the party which hired the worker. Secondary employers are those who enact contractual obligations with those who are previously employed.

Contractual ministerial fees ranging from D150 to Dh2,000 will be handled by the original employer. Secondary employer(s) is/are required to pay Dh100 in fees.

Original employers are also responsible for annual leaves, end of service benefits, and other financial obligations in proportion to the number of actual working hours and agreed upon wages stipulated in the contract.

Working conditions must also meet ministerial regulations.

Part-time employers cannot demand more working hours than those specified in the contract. Part-time employees can become full-time only when the original contract has expired – then a new full-time contract can be drawn up.

Non-competitor clauses do not apply to such employees unless they are court ordered… see more

source: khaleejtimes