Supreme leader chic: North Korean men must now reportedly sport Kim Jong Un’s hairstyle.

It’s the ‘Un’ and only hairstyle.

North Korean tyrant Kim Jong Un has decreed that all men in the oppressed nation must get his haircut.

The state-issued “fashion guideline” was released about two weeks ago, the Korea Times reported.

The style is dubbed “The Dear Leader Kim Jong Un,” according to the paper.

A North Korean source said men everywhere — from Pyongyang to the impoverished countryside — have griped in vain about the order requiring Kim’s signature high and tight fade.

“Our leader’s haircut is very particular, if you will. It doesn’t always go with everyone since everyone has different face and head shapes,” the source said,according to the Korea Times.

The paper quotes a second source as saying that prior to Kim becoming supreme leader, his hairstyle was derided as “the Chinese smuggler.”

Last year it was reported that North Koreans women wereallowed to choose from 18 

approved haircuts, while men had 10 options.

The government said the styles guarded against “the corrupting effects of capitalism.”

source: nydailynews