Technology is one of the things that has been designed in a manner that is in the fleeting concept. Most of the investors are planning and looking for the bucks on the issues of the investing by the notice of the Next Big Thing. Most of the people and the predictors are using the trends of the past to come up with some of the things that will give them the guide on how the future matters in the field of business technology are going to be in the future. They normally use past data as the factor that signal them on how they are going to handle their innovative nature and put their matters in the right progress direction. The network management is the key thing that most organization uses before making any emergency move in technology world. Some of the things that have been predicted to be making the future of the business in the field of technology include:

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the things that have been over-estimated. The main issue that has led to these is the use of many terms that marks the wide concept. The main things that have been predicted are that machine use will take over everything. This in the real sense will have limited use as opposed to General Artificial Intelligence. This has forced most of the entrepreneurs and investors to venture fully on the matters of machine learning.


This is also another thing that has been predicted to come to pass after reading the current trends in the business technology world. Blockchain is one of the global ledgers that have the potential of making the automatic recording and making the good verification of the high volume transactions of the business irrespective of the location. The decentralized form that has been seen as its feature is one of the key things that will have the possibility of making the replacement of most of the things that are taking place in the field of recording in the industry.

Use of Drones in Delivering Goods and Services.

Drones have also been seen as one of the key things that will later be used in the business field to deliver goods and services. The possibility of using drones to replace the human delivery of goods and services is possible. Though the right platform on which kind of drones will rely on the zip while on the skies in the mission of delivering the goods and services. This marks the fact that technology will be one of the key things that will be utilized in making much exchange of the goods and also the services.


These are some of the things that will have interesting applications in the current life situation. The potential of utilizing robots in the business technology field depends on manufacturing. The fact that robots have been used in other various thongs are they carry out the effective duties indicates that they will also adapt fully in the field of the business technology world. The advantage of the robots is that they have the ability to work with the human on the matters of the goods delivery from one place to another. They normally assist as the main co-creators.


Voice is also another new stand that have been entirely used on different platforms. It has been used in tracking or the matters of the advertisement. It is a new way that people use in making verbal interaction with the computer. With most of the technology field going through the same lane, there is the possibility of taking over in the field of business technology. It is one of the best means of making and changing the world to become small through computers.

Connected Home

This is one of the changes that have already begun and it has been practiced in the western countries. This is a situation where the light bulbs are controlled by the use of smartphones. As a matter of fact, these are some of the next big things in the field of technology.

by: Dennis Hung