You can never act too early when it comes to thinking about your next big career move. This change may show up as a new job or a step forward in your current industry. This article will give you some of the best jobs that you can get for yourself in 2018. You could think of this early job planning like shopping for the holiday season. You don’t have to buy your gifts in October. But if you take advantage of great sales, you could end up saving yourself a lot of money and effort. Now we will bring you the best career opportunities in 2018.

Coding and Web Development

Web development will continue to operate as a strong field to enter in 2018. You can easily spot why this is the case. Larger companies and startups want professionals such as a UX developer and web developers to work on their computer programs. Web developers create the layout of a website and integrate applications, graphics, and other types of content. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said that the demand for web developers will grow by over 17 percent by 2022. This growth operates way higher than the rate for most occupations.

To become a web developer, you will need to earn either a bachelor’s degree in computer science or learn coding and development through online tutorials, books, and in-person coding bootcamps.

Fitness Trainer

In 2018, plenty of people have set resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. Luckily, plenty of fitness trainers can help these new clients get in shape, clean up their diets, and teach them how to select healthy foods when grocery shopping. Fitness trainers help their clients create a fitness plan for their gym routines, they lead exercise classes, and they teach their clients about the ins and outs of exercise and fitness.

To become a fitness trainer, you will need to become a high school graduate. You will also need to get on-the-job training. Since fitness trainers need to act as healthy role models for their clients, they will need to reach a peak level of physical fitness. Lastly, potential fitness trainers will need to pass a certification exam.

Skin Care Specialist

These days, the idea of self-care has caught on like wildfire. You can now see experts from many fields trumpeting the concept of a person taking time out of their busy schedule to take special care of themselves. One way that a lot of people practice self-care is through spa treatments. Medical and spa treatments act as a way to fight both skin issues and the symptoms of aging.

Skin care specialists work in salons, clinics, and spas to assist their clients with cleaning and treating their skin. To become a skincare specialist in your state, you must earn a certificate from an aesthetician or cosmetology program. You will also need to get licensed.

Occupational Therapist Assistant

As Baby Boomers get older, they will require more and more healthcare services. Occupational therapist assistants work with occupational therapists, implementing therapy plans for patients, and helping patients recover from a sickness. They also help patients strengthen and develop some of the skills that their patients will need to live their lives. These skills include tasks like dressing, moving, traveling, personal hygiene, etc. By 2022, this field will grow by over 40 percent.

To become an occupational therapist assistant, you will need to earn an associate’s degree from an accredited allied health program. Many U.S. states also require occupational therapist assistants to get licensed.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians will go to work for pharmacies and dispense medications to health providers and customers. This can act as a great field to enter if you want to get into healthcare, but dislike the patient care side of it.

To become a pharmacy technician, you will need to earn a certificate from an accredited pharmacy tech program. These days, the majority of U.S. states require pharmacy technicians to get certified.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.