Technology is so dynamic and moves at breakneck speeds that the next big thing is on the table before we internalize or even incorporate the last one. The success of a business enterprise can be made or broken by the willingness of the company’s management or ownership to embrace the latest trends in technology. It is quite difficult for entrepreneurs and business managers to predict the best technology to incorporate into their business operations.

For instance, e-commerce, social media marketing and internet marketing using such incentives as emails are all digital transformation ideas that can propel a business organization to greatness. When it comes to small business enterprises, there is often the hurdle of limited resources for the acquisition of the latest state of the art technologies in their operations. However, advancements in mobile technology have made it possible for small companies and startups to efficiently use the internet to market their products using mobile applications, texts, messaging and email marketing.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the primary device through which most people access the internet today. According to a recent survey that was carried out by Google, over 40% of all the people who access the internet on a daily basis have now migrated from the use of personal computers to mobile devices. In this article, we are going to highlight the technological trends that all small to medium-sized enterprises should not ignore so that they can reap the benefits that accrue from the incorporation of technology in business operations.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots

Although there is less likely that small businesses will be able to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to their operations as compared to large corporations, Chatbots are likely to see small and medium-sized companies make use of AI. Chatbots eliminate the need for a business enterprise to be using sales representative ns customer care agents to run their operations. Chatbots can also answer all the questions that existing customers and potential consumers may have about the products and services you offer, your mode of delivery and any other after-sales service that your offer.

They may also give notifications to customers about scheduled system maintenance and upgrades, customer discounts and bonuses and any other marketing incentives that your small business enterprise may have. Moreover, technologies such as the Bot framework from Microsoft allows business organizations to connect and build bots that can interact with internet users on Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail, Skype, text/SMS, and teams.

Virtual offices

As the generation of people known as Millennials gradually take up the working class population, it is critical for companies to realize that their workforce does not work in the same patterns as ways that the past generations used to. This production is finding it essential to work from any place that they find comfortable remotely as streamlining and convenience are of utmost importance to this generation. Millennials also want to maintain a balance between work and life because they have a fantastic value to their time. Back in 2015, Forbes predicted the remote office as a trend that business organizations should never ignore and it is now coming to reality. The birth of the internet almost two decades ago has made the interaction between the different departments and their employees effortless. Cloud computing has also made it possible for the employees of an organization to access company information remotely using a mobile device or s personal computer so long as there is internet connectivity.

Original and engaging content

The consumer needs, tastes, and preferences for the average customer are changing all thanks to advancements in technology gradually. Consumers have a special attachment to particular brands which has made brand loyalty something that entrepreneurs should embrace for positive results. Original, engaging and high-quality content is one of the ways that consumers can find a way to identify with a specific brand. For instance, a clothing company may engage its consumers by publishing high-quality articles about the latest trends in fashion design.


by: Mikkie Mills