The slew of new Dubai traffic rules to come into effect from July 1 usher in many advantages for motorists and among the significant changes being brought in is the matter of the renewal period of the driving licence. For expat drivers, this renewal will now be every five years as compared to the earlier 10-year period. Supplementing this rule is another move that will from now on link every licencee’s medical record to the RTA database, providing the authorities comprehensive and relevant information on their health history. This is a useful tool to help authorities stay alert to the development of any medical condition in motorists that can potentially impair their driving capabilities.

The reduction of the 10-year period to five therefore works entirely in favour of an individual’s well-being even as it contributes to overall road safety. The new regulations also mandate that a new driver will initially be issued a driving licence of two-year validity and this is not amiss in its intent as many new drivers often require practice before they can become responsible drivers.
All these issues are integral to creating a culture of safe driving that must become the norm rather than the exception.

Traffic statistics of violations and fatalities revealed every year by the RTA are a testimony to the fact it is not for the lack of stringent rules that such numbers exist. Rather, it is because motorists need to take greater responsibility in respecting traffic rules and generating road safety, not just for themselves but also for others. It’s indeed a privilege to earn a driving licence but to deserve the right to keep it is a social duty every motorist would do well to uphold.