Afghan authorities confirmed Tuesday that a civilian in Kabul was killed during a night raid by the intelligence agency’s forces on Sunday night.

Deputy spokesman for the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Shafiqullah Taheri said that a civilian was killed during an NDS special forces raid to capture a suspected terrorist.

“A civilian was killed in an exchange of fire between the insurgent and the security forces. The insurgent was hidden in the neighboring house,” Taheri said at a press briefing in Kabul.
The man being sought was captured by the security forces, and is charged with planning attacks against Kabul Airport, Parliament and the Ministry of Interior, Taheri said.

However, local residents of Kabul’s Yakatoot area where the raid took place reject any existence of a suicide attacker or Taliban in the area, while the family of the civilian who was shot said he was killed in the family yard.

“At around 12:00 at night, they [security forces] came down from the roof and entered our yard. When my father came out, he asked ‘What’s going on?’ They shot him. And my father died,” one of the family members told TOLOnews on Monday.

“They didn’t let us get close to the dead body of my uncle. They threatened to kill us if we came closer,” another family member said.

A resident said the security forces warned them before the raid not to leave their homes.

“They said don’t come out of your house otherwise we will shoot you. Then we just sat at home and they entered our houses [yards]. They were saying there were suicide bombers, Taliban, but they couldn’t find anything,” the resident said.

The residents said that many houses were searched by the security forces in the area.

“They came to my house as well and locked all of us in one room. Their target was Taliban and suicide attackers, but this is not true,” a fourth resident said.

Taheri rejected residents’ claims that US or foreign forces were involved in the raid, saying it only conducted by NDS special forces.

Director of Afghanistan Research and Economic Unit Mir Ahmad Joyenda called for a thorough investigation into the civilian’s death.

“Such incidents should be seriously investigated,” Joyenda told TOLOnews Tuesday.