ITANAGAR: BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday attacked the Congress, saying there is no future due to their false promises.

“They (Congress) say ‘we do what we say’. The Congress in 2009 promised to bring down price rise, but did it go down?” questioned Modi while addressing a rally here.

His question was received with a roaring “no”.

When he repeated his claim and asked whether inflation had gone up, the crowd responded with a “yes”.

“There is no future in the false promises made by the Congress,” Modi added.

Modi said that the Congress’s recently released manifesto was a document that deceives.

“Congress’ ghoshana patra’ (manifesto) is actually a ‘dhokha patra’,” he said.

He also took a jibe at Congress president Sonia Gandhi in the Italian marines case and asked who allowed the Italian marines accused of killing to fishermen to go back to their country.

source: tiems of india