N Srinivasan has been affirmed as the ICC’s first administrator after protected progressions to the administering body were passed at the yearly meeting in Melbourne on Thursday.

“It is an honor to be affirmed as the Chairman of the International Cricket Council,” said Mr Srinivasan, including: “I will leave no stone unturned in attempting to fortify the columns and establishments of our game, both on and off the field. I need to guarantee that cricket holds and develops its prominence, and that the ICC assumes a heading part in this worldwide development.


“I need to see more solid groups in universal cricket. For this to be attained, we all need to strive to create nearby ability in our nations. Commonly, there will be more backing to the individuals who first show they can help themselves.

“The ICC is a Members’ association and the pathway is currently there for any Member to play Test cricket or in the significant ICC occasions on the off chance that it performs fine over a managed time of time.”



By: Mohammad FurQan Bhatti
Writer is university student and sports journalist based in Pakistan.