Muslim journalist Rula Jebreal pushed back at Bill Maher’s negative view of Islam on Real Time on Friday, accusing him of sounding like al-Qaeda mouthpieces.

“You are actually doing the work for them,” she told Maher. “[Osama] bin Laden used to say, ‘This is not a war on terror, this is a war on Islam.’ My father was Muslim; he was Sufi. You don’t even know the difference between Sufi, Sunni, Shi’a, Mahdavi.”

“Yeah I do,” Maher responded.

“You don’t,” Jebreal said. “For you, we are all jihadists.”

“I know that in many places in the world, if you left your religion, what would happen?” Maher asked. “You can walk inside a door in Gaza and say, ‘You know what? I’m a Presbyterian today.’”

“‎Maybe not in Gaza, to be honest,” Jebreal responded. “But you can do it in Jordan, you can do it in Lebanon. You are blaming the majority for the criminal act of a minority.”

Following Maher’s statement defending his intentions to speak at the University of California-Berkeley next month, Jebreal expressed sympathy for the students protesting his appearance… see more

source: rawstory