Sometimes in our Life we have to lose the one we Love. I used to believe Love has happy Endings.. That no matter how far we may go, Love won’t fade away

I thought Love is with me and I found the Right guy for me. But for all I know all those thoughts will burst out into Bubbles… It’s hard to accept that things change, feelings and People one day, That someone You Love will suddenly realized He/she doesn’t Love You anymore and the sad thing is He/she has to go.. it hurts enough to know that his/her feelings had fade away.. But it hurts more when you know when you’re not ready to say Goodbye and set him/her Free.

Every night you cry until you fall asleep. Every Morning you wake remembering his/her face smiling at You. The way he/she look at You.. The way He/she make You feel being Loved. Few days, weeks and months already pass but we are still here stuck feeling alone and Lonely.

Sometime we will wish he/she never had to make me feel those feelings before. Maybe he/she never realized how i felt hurting inside and out….. But what do we do when the only person who can stop us hurting is the one who hurt You in the first place.. Maybe we will come to the point that.. We wish that he/she never had to say I Love You Forever.. Forever…..

My friends told me that he weren’t worth a day of sadness a worth of tears that he does not mean anything… But he meant everything in the World to me. I just want to know why some Dreams don’t come true ? Or some Endings are Happy and some are Not…… He held me Up so High then when I am about to fell he didn’t catch me.. I remember those things he used to say that made me smile.. But for some reason when i think of it now it break my heart.. Whenever He said that he Loves me with all his Heart from up to down and side to side in every corner of his Heart I answered him back with so much happiness in my Heart.. But now i wonder did he ever mean it?

I started to feel hate and Love at the same time… But you know what it’s so suck that the one You want to hate the most. Is the one You Truly and deeply Love.. Sometimes the hardest part of seeing through is accepting what you see.. I thought Love is all about Loving the one you love and making them Smile.. Then I realized it is about waiting for that someone to break your Heart.

I wish getting him out of my mind is as easy as pushing the delete button or unfriend button.. I wasn’t prepared when he’s gone the way he Love me, care for me, I miss and Long for it… All that things are now preserved in my Heart,  Now I will totally agree to the saying.. Life is so IRONIC… We shall always Fall in Love with the Right One but in the wrong time and the worse one.. Deeply fall in Love with the one who will break our Heart…

A message for You.. When I think of the past, I think of You and Me.. The moments that we shared even  Its a short span of time.. I know in myself I was happy, I felt happy.. I thank you for everything specially for loving me thank You so Much I will treasure and cherish that love in my heart.. Sometimes forgetting someone is the best thing you can do. Even if it means Losing good Memories, And sometimes saying Goodbye’s is better than saying Hello.. I Didn’t chose to Like YOU…I Didn’t Chose to Love You.. But I chose to Move on and Let You Go…. I forgive You… Trust me I am going to get there even if it takes FOREVER.


By:  Nelia Vista 
Nelia Vista is inspirational writer