Do you want to keep your workplace a fun, happy, positive environment? Keeping your staff motivated is crucial to a successful day and for positive growth in your business. Motivation from boss to an employee doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and it is one that is necessary if you want to keep your workplace an enthusiastic environment. These 5 ways to motivate should be a great way to begin making your employees happier and better workers in no time. If you are looking for more ways to motivate your employees, reference this website as well.

Help Them Grow

If you are working towards anything in your own personal life, it is easier to achieve whatever task is set before you when you know there is a reward waiting on the other side. It should come as no surprise that the workplace is no different. When employees are given opportunities for advancement in the company, you are sure to receive higher quality work. Offering staff development opportunities to help your employees grow is a great way to encourage the people in your office and help give them something to work for. Team building activities will help the overall growth and atmosphere as well, because you are allowing them to work together to achieve goals. When your employees are happy, growing, and learning new things, they will help improve the reputation of your company and more people will want to work for you.

Your Example Matters

You can’t expect your staff to be motivated if you aren’t motivated yourself. The best way to lead others is to lead by example, and there is no better place to do so than in the office. If the boss of the company is not excited to be there and actively looking for ways to achieve any sort of goal, then the workers will directly reflect that. Good attitudes are contagious and who doesn’t want a happy workplace? Lead by example and you are sure to have a happier atmosphere at work.

Communication is Key

Allowing your employees to openly communicate with you as a boss does not just happen overnight and is crucial to achieving any goals you may have set as a team. You must create an open door where they feel safe and comfortable coming to you with problems, concerns, and other things. The key is to make your employees feel valued and respected and more than just another employee at a large company. A great way to do this is to simply thank them for all of their time and hard work dedicated to help make your company successful, let them know how much you appreciate them.

Here’s An Incentive

Much like offering an opportunity for growth, offering incentives will help boost worker performance. Employees thrive when they are working towards a goal, and even more so when they will receive something for their hard work. While cash rewards are nice, you can offer casual-dress days, a day off, free coffee gift cards, or simply pop into their office and take them a refreshing caffeinated beverage or snack in the middle of the day. Finding ways to give incentives to your staff does not have to break the bank or put your company in a financial bind, but is sure to help your business run in the most effective and positive way.

Make Them Feel Needed

Empowering your employees helps them to feel like their input and contribution to the company is needed and important. Holding yearly or quarterly reviews with each employee is a great time for you to ask their opinion on specific matters. Simply asking for these opinions is not enough, you must then apply what they suggest in order for them to feel empowered. When your employees feel needed in the office, you are sure to get higher quality work from them.

While there are numerous other ways to motivate, this list should be a great place to start. If you are wanting to motivate your employees, it shouldn’t take too much work. Making your workers feel valued is very important to a successful business. For further suggestions, read on about How Great Managers Motivate Their Employees.


by: Vincent Stokes