Egyptian President Muhamed Morsi telephoned Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Friday evening to discuss the situation in Gaza arising out of the aerial bombardments by Israeli war planes in which several Palestinians were killed and many injured.

Morsi requested the prime minister for Pakistan’s support when the Palestine issue is raised at international forums specially the United Nations Security Council.

The prime minister said that Pakistan strongly condemns Israeli air attacks in Gaza that have targeted not only the Hamas leadership but also innocent civilians.

He said that Pakistan considers the Israeli action as a grave violation of international law and all humanitarian norms. He added that Israeli threats of a ground offensive against Gaza are even more disturbing.

While talking to President Morsi, the prime minister said that unless the Palestinian problem is resolved, peace in the Middle East will remain elusive.

The prime minister expressed concern that the escalation in violence could lead to spreading of conflict which may engulf the region.

The prime minister recalled that Pakistan was among the sponsors of the first resolution on Palestine issue adopted by the UN Security Council.

He assured that the people of Pakistan will stand with the people of Palestine at this difficult time as they have always done in the past.

The prime minister said that Pakistan supports the quest of the state of Palestine for membership in the United Nations and believes that Palestine cannot be denied this right anymore.

The prime minister also assured the Egyptian president of Pakistan’s support in the UN Security Council of which it is a non-permanent member.

President Morsi thanked the government and people of Pakistan for their support to the cause of Palestinian people.