There is no balance between being successful financially and serving others. When you have a passion in what you do that is rewarding in itself. People confuse money for happiness and personally speaking the greatest reward is helping others and knowing that what you have done has affected them. When individuals have a passion in something, you are not only rewarded in knowing that you have made somebody’s day but you are blessed financially too. My passion of cooking not only makes me who I am but it has given me a reason to work hard each and every day to fulfill my dream and goal’s of opening ‘Strawberry Dumpling’s’ all over the country. Giving other’s a chance to fulfill their dreams and goals also. Never in a million year’s would I have guessed this is what I needed and wanted to do.
Having money seems to be the ultimate goal for so many people. They think if only they had a million dollars, then their life would be perfect.


Well, I am here to tell you they are wrong. Money hasn’t and never will buy happiness.  Some of the happiest people I have ever met live in a small town in Spain. They live in tiny apartments, have no cars and wear the same outfit for days in a row.  But, they are surrounded by family and friends and are almost insulated from the big, bad materialistic world.  They get joy every day from simple things like going for a walk after a meal or picking cucumbers from their garden. I have been up and down the financial ladder throughout my life, so I feel somewhat qualified on this topic. Here is what I have concluded.  Not having enough money can make things challenging, but there gets to a point where more is not necessarily better. Having enough money for food, shelter, clothes and the basic necessities is truly all you need. Stop putting so much emphasis on money and what it can buy you.  Focus on things that really matter-your family, good health, faith, great friendships, and doing things that you enjoy in life. None of those cost a dime. So, next time you feel like complaining because you can’t buy a fancy new purse. Take pause. You may find everything you need to make you happy has been there all along.


“As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would chose above all – the trouble is, humans do have knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them”


By: Ammara Siddique