Tell us about the camp? And what about your fitness level?

Everybody is really enjoying the fitness camp, initially, we were really struggling as we haven’t had this type of a camp in a long time,  I am 100% fit right now, I am bowling for up to three hours in the nets My fitness levels are as good as anybody in the team right now. I Have not made any changes in my bowling in this camp, but I am doing a lot more training to improve my fitness


Where is your focus? On ODI’s or Test matches?

I will start my comeback with limited overs cricket, then I’ll see if I can play Test matches


Do you consider your self for Sri Lanka’s tour in August?

It depends on the selectors if they want to select me for the Sri Lankan series or not Pitches are great in Sri Lanka, I have some experience because I went there with the A team


Are you satisfied with your treatment?

I’d like to thank the PCB, they have really taken good care of me


What about the World Cup 2015 Irfan?

I would love to be a part of the team in the upcoming World Cup I can win matches on my own for Pakistan at the World Cup


Will you see FIFA World Cup matches?

I’m not that interested in the Football World Cup, I don’t have too much time for it as we are really busy in training We just play football during training, I may watch some matches in Football World Cup if I get a chance


What are your feelings? You just missed World Cup T20 and Asia cup.

I was really dishearten when I missed World T20 and Asia Cup because of injury My coaches, my family and my friends really supported me in those tough times


Right now what is your goal?

My main goal is to maintain my fitness and make it to the World Cup squad Pitches in Australia and New Zealand will definitely help me due to my height

Covered by: Mohammad FurQan Bhatti
Writer is University student and Sports Journalist based in Pakistan