Humanity has seen iteration in the tools of warfare since the beginning of time. Year after year, we incorporate more advanced technology into our military. Recently, we have reached a level of military advancement which matches those in sci-fi movies.

After conducting some research, we have gathered a list of four technologies that militaries around the world are employing in their fight. These range from the tried and true to the cutting edge, and they are all changing the landscape of war.


During different lighting conditions, men in the front lines have wanted to keep their eyes open. Having a reliable observation can be difficult at night so they have employed the use of infrared vision.

Heat signatures are some of the most prominent things you can find in a typical combat scenario. Everything gives off heat from people to vehicles, and they can be easily detected through specialized visors that pick on infrared radiation.

Infrared targeting has been so effective that most militaries are incorporating them into weapons and modern armor. The reliability comes from the simplicity of ‘seeing’ with infrared detection. It’s just as good as seeing with your own two eyes.


Recently, soldiers have been deploying drones rather than themselves onto the battlefield, and for good reason. It’s better to put a drone at risk rather than the lives of people.

During the first usage of this technology, drones were only being used for surveillance and reconnaissance. However, as the aviation technology of drones improved, so did their capabilities. Now, drones are capable of not just observation, but also using weapons and taking out targets on the ground.

Even better, some drones being developed now are fully automated and can distinguish between allies and foe to strike the enemy, without even the need of a pilot controlling it.

GPS Targeting

GPS or global positioning system has also given the military an edge when navigating through rough terrain. However, now they have developed another use for GPS, and that is to use them in weapons.

Recently, an artillery system has been developed which uses GPS to precisely fire volley on a target location. Previously, this was difficult since precision was very much dependent on a lot of variables such as distance from target and firing position. However, now with GPS, artillery and even long range missiles can calculate the trajectory and hit their mark within a hair’s length of precision.

Smart Weapons

Imagine a missile that knows exactly what to hit and guide itself to the target. Previously, pilots who were dropped bombs had to carefully position themselves to ensure that they hit their designated target. However, weapons have become more advanced and have onboard computers to direct them.

In today’s modern military, pilots only need to drop their payload within at least a few hundred meters of the target, and the bomb will guide itself correctly to its course.

Even more amazing is that smart targeting is being used in guns and rifles with individual bullets. The technology is still young, but many firearms manufacturers have developed guns that can fire bullets that guide themselves to their targets while in midair; a fearsome, yet an impressive technological feat.



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