Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable resource, one that may provide business owners with a more versatile, streamlined and cost-effective alternative to conventional computer systems. More powerful applications have made it possible to use a mobile device to handle almost every aspect of business management and day to day operations. For new ventures and smaller organizations seeking to minimize startup and operational costs, learning more about the advantages of mobile devices or even how to run an entire business with just a smartphone can make quite a difference.

Accounting and Financial Management

Using a bulky desktop to handle bookkeeping or even a costly laptop to manage the financial aspects of a business may not always be necessary or even ideal. There are plenty of bookkeeping and financial apps designed for commercial use and business owners may be surprised to discover just how powerful an accounting device smartphones have become. While larger organizations may utilize tablets and phones in order to augment more conventional financial software systems and methods, many hobby businesses and even full-scale startups often find that mobile devices can provide them with a far more elegant accounting and bookkeeping solution.  

Transactions and Point of Sale

A conventional point-of-sale system often represents a significant investment, one that may far outstrip the available budget of a fledgling business. Apps that allow for mobile-payment processing can drastically reduce overhead costs while also providing businesses with the means to complete transactions in almost any situation, location or environment. Spending too much on antiquated resources and outdated payment-processing solutions when all they really need is a spare tablet or an old smartphone could lead to many problems that new businesses would do well to avoid. From cashing and depositing paper checks to handling credit-card payments on the spot, financial transaction and point-of-sale apps are quickly making older and more conventional resources obsolete.

Scheduling, Inventory and Logistics

There is more to managing a business than just financial matters. There are countless apps that are ideally suited to handling everything from employee scheduling to inventory tracking ensuring that even businesses working with limited financial resources should have no trouble finding the software needed to handle all aspects of their logistical operations. Not every commercial app may have the performance and range of features that business owners may be seeking and a little trial and error may be needed in order to find the best options. Issues like cost, cross-platform compatibility and even the security and long-term support status of an app should all be considered carefully prior to making any decisions.

Tying It All Together

Investing in scalable digital infrastructure can help to facilitate future growth. Even owners who are able to effectively run their business from a single mobile device would do well to have a backup. Ensuring that all devices, systems and networks are able to function in concert is never a matter that should be left to chance. Resources like apps connector can help to ensure that all mobile applications, conventional software and other digital resources are able to be properly configured and used to greater effect. Investing in apps, mobile devices and other resources that can be more easily adapted to meet both the current and future needs of a business can allow owners to avoid any number of potential obstacles and future complications.

Finding the Best Apps, Resources and Solutions

The needs of individual business owners can differ dramatically and no one app may be suitable for every situation. There are plenty of resources that can allow entrepreneurs and business owners to begin exploring their options or help them to find the mobile apps that will afford them the most overall value. Mobile devices make it much easier to automate key aspects of workflow and operation and investing in the right business apps can alleviate the need to spend money on more costly resources and solutions that may not be nearly as flexible.


by: Mark Palmer