The missing Malaysia Airlines plane could have been on the ground when it sent satellite signals, officials have admitted.

The last ‘ping’ was picked up by a satellite nearly seven hours after the flight dropped off civilian air traffic control screens.

Meanwhile, the number of countries involved in the hunt for the plane has increased from 14 to 25, officials have said.

The search area has been significantly expanded and the focus has changed from mainly “shallow seas” to “large tracts of land crossing 11 nations” as well as deep and remote oceans.

Investigators are looking at two flight corridors to the west of Malaysia.

One is a northern route stretching from northern Thailand to Kazakhstan and the other is a southern zone from Indonesia towards the southern Indian Ocean.

Both corridors are being treated with equal importance, say officials.

The jet disappeared more than a week ago after leaving Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing.

Authorities say they are investigating ground staff as well as passengers and crew.

And they added the two pilots at the helm of flight MH370 did not ask to fly together… see more

source: skynews