The Chinese government has said it has located a large object in the sea after viewing satellite imagery.

During a news conference in Kualu Lumpur on Saturday, Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein was handed a piece of paper containing details of the apparent discovery.

The object is thought to be 72ft long (22m) and 98ft wide (30m) and was spotted somewhere in the southern search corridor in the Indian Ocean.

Chinese authorities are expected to reveal more information over the discovery later.

The search operation of the ocean south west of Perth in western Australia involving six aircraft on Saturday failed to locate any sign of debris spotted by a satellite last week.

But bad weather could affect the operation after a cyclone warning was declared for Tropical Cyclone Gillian, which is forecast to move into the southern search corridor.

Mr Hussein said: “A cyclone warning has been declared for Tropical Cyclone Gillian, which is located in the southern corridor. Very strong winds and rough seas are expected there today.

“In the area where possible objects were identified by Australian authorities, there are strong currents and rough seas. Generally, conditions in the southern corridor are very challenging.”

It comes after angry scenes at a meeting in Beijing when Malaysian officials attempted to leave without answering questions on the search operation from relatives of the missing passengers.

One shouted: “You can’t go. You can’t leave here. We are here waiting for you 14 days. We want to know what happened, what the reality is.”

Another said: “We don’t even know if our family members are alive or dead. We should never let them treat us like this!”.. see more

source: skynews