A Malaysian government official says investigators have concluded the missing Malaysia Airlines plane was hijacked.

The official said one or more people with significant flying experience hijacked the jet, switched off communication devices and steered it off-course.

He said no motive has been established and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken, but he said hijacking was “conclusive”.

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak is due to give a news conference shortly after 5am UK time.

Earlier, a source close to the investigation said satellite pulses picked up from flight MH370 show it may have been flying off-course for several hours before running out of fuel over the Indian Ocean.

Analysis of military radar tracking and pulses detected by satellites has provided two different theories as to what may have happened to the plane, the unnamed source said.

The electronic signals are believed to have been transmitted for up to five hours after ground control lost contact with the aircraft, according to Sky sources.

The signals are ‘pings’ sent by the plane to confirm it is still there and to allow the network to determine its position..see more

source: skynews