Misbah-ul-HaQ, Pakistani captain was talking to media at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. He said he is grooming some players so they can be captain of Future, Misbah just turned 40 in May said that Azher Ali and Umar Akmal could be the future captains of Pakistani Cricket Team. In the answer of a question Misbah said Azhar Ali and Umar Akmal are doing captaincy in Domestic cricket so they also have some kind of experience as well.


It is important for the board to decide who they want as captain. They should start grooming and giving them the confidence,” Misbah said on the sidelines of the ongoing summer camp at Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. “To me there are lots of players who could be given the captaincy… like Azhar Ali and Umar Akmal. Both are doing captaincy (in domestic cricket) and I think when they get some experience you can safely hand them the responsibility.


Pakistan Cricket Team was in massive trouble when Shahid Khan Afridi quit Test Cricket in 2010 during a tour (of England) and his replacement Salman Butt got banned in spot-fixing scandal. Misbah took over the captaincy then and has since been leading the side in Test and ODIs.


He led 71 games, he won 39 for his side on the other side his batting average is 47.21 and as captain in last year his average is 52. PCB is also looking in favor of Misbah as captain till World Cup 2015.


I don’t think there is any problem as we have players who can take over the responsibility, ruling out any stumbling in the post-Misbah era. All the youngsters understand the game and are doing the hard work and performing but you will take some time, one-two years. Both [Akmal and Azhar] have cricketing sense and that’s what you need in the future

Sri Lanka v Pakistan Third Test - Day Four

In the answer of question Misbah said he don’t have concern with his age he just want to focus on his cricket, Misbah also said if you are fit to play then you can play. Misbah was also talking about captaincy he said I didn’t force PCB to make me captain its not in my hand to be captain, its PCB decision and I respect it.


The biggest motivation is your passion about this game. If you don’t have passion then you just spend time and you don’t enjoy. When you have passion you compete with others and you try to be the best. Not only me the youngsters have very good fitness and all the senior players have worked hard and tried to push themselves. In future if we continue to push, our fielding level will increase automatically. In batting and bowling when your fitness is good it automatically improves too.


source:  Mohammad FurQan Bhatti
Writer is University student and Sports Journalist based in Pakistan