Human minds are more full of mysteries than any written book and more changeable than the cloud shapes in the air-Louisa May Alcott

When you wake up, you watch the sun rising, hear the birds singing, inhale the fresh air with aroma of beautiful flowers and morning dew. You can move in this world only when you leave the world you watch with closed eyes. This all is there every day but still you can perceive it only when you are awake, why is that so?

When you are in that beautiful world, you feel happy which bring a smile on your face and that is the time when you feel hunger pangs which convince you to walk into the kitchen. Then suddenly you realize that you are getting late for the work and you rushed towards the office. There you get tasks involving strategic problems and you hold your head how such issue could be resolved, then you hit an idea and it worked out.

Mind is the master player in doing all this. Yet, it is something which is not tangible, it is beyond our ability to measure or count. Scientists till now have explored how the physical brain works like the area which is linked with emotions is limbic system while left hemisphere is involved in logical thinking, in the same way everything regarding its physical nature is discovered. Scientists know that it is the consciousness of the brain which is involved in processing the information. Because of this we can experience the world around us. Here a question arises, why our experiences are subjective why every person has his own experience?

When a classroom environment is observed children with different intellectual level are going through math problem. Some do it in the first instinct while some take time to solve it, some are even unable to get the question. It remains a big mystery how neuron in the brain works to solve the problems and why some individuals are smarter than the others.

Researches indicated that a change in the physical characteristics of the brain also alters how a person thinks, act or feel and even the entire personality, but mind itself is a mystery. Some researchers believe that mind is not a mystery as it even do not exists, everything is the brain itself, judgment, thinking all occur in the different parts of the brain, mind has nothing to do with it.

If emotion is taken into consideration then psychiatrist believes that it is the emotions which help the people to react physically. They believe that emotion exists and they know it exists in the mind but the problem is that they cannot prove it physically. Furthermore, scientists have discovered that when a person try to memorize something it produce many physical changes in the brain parts but it is still an unknown fact that how this knowledge is embodied and how it is there for decades. Similarly, sometimes a person watch something and wander as if they have seen it somewhere this is called Déjà vu, brain is responsible for such activity but such feelings remain unexplained by the neuroscientist.

Mystery of mind exists ever since. Some scientists believe that mind is supposed to be the effect of the brain which is itself the cause. Other studies believes that it can also occur vice versa, mind can also change the brain structure like thinking and other such activities can alter the structure of the brain.

This is a human mind which has discovered fire and water deep inside the earth and even reaching to the other planets outside the earth. Human mind has discovered what not but the major object is yet to discover that is the mind itself. The answer must be out there somewhere as it is a known factor that brain alone is not responsible for all those inventions, there is a mind as well behind it which is working along brain, but how? that is a mystery.


By:  Sajeela Bakht