INVESTIGATORS believe someone in the cockpit of MH370 turned on the plane’s autopilot before it disappeared, as Australian search chiefs announced a new phase in the hunt for the missing airliner. Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said it was “highly, highly likely” the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was on autopilot when it crashed into the southern Indian Ocean on March 8, becoming the “greatest aviation mystery in global history”.

The revelation that autopilot was activated raises further suspicion the plane’s disappearance was a mass atrocity committed by either the captain or copilot of the plane. And investigators had yet another revelation, telling reporters it is believed the missing jet likely plunged into the ocean further south than the current search area.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s Chief Commissioner Martin Dolan explained that MH370’s “highest probability flight path” was a straight course such as one flown by an aircraft on autopilot. Mr Dolan said there were several possible scenarios but the “basic assumption” was that autopilot had to be switched on.

“It’s generally expected that if the autopilot is operational that’s a result of it being made operational,” he said. The theory is consistent with reports that an official police investigation into the mystery identified the captain as the prime suspect if it is proven human intervention was involved… see mre