SINGAPORE Airlines has apologised over “ insensitive and offensive” social media comments it posted following the Malaysian Airlines MH17 disaster. The airline claimed that its flights do not fly across Ukrainian airspace following the tragedy which killed 298 people. The remarks drew the ire of many Malaysians, with some taking to social media themselves to condemn the airline. And despite apologising for the comments, the offensive post still remains on Singapore Airline’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

“A post starting with condolence (and) then, stating your planes are diverted and not using this airspace anymore would have made (you) sound less heartless!” Joannica Dass wrote on Facebook. Others, however, felt many were overreacting to Singapore Airlines’ remarks, and said the carrier was merely trying to get a message across to its customers. “I don’t think their comment was to advertise or boast their flight routes as much as it was to ease the tension of the hundreds of passengers that are scheduled to fly out to other countries over the next few days,” Karishma Sharma wrote on Facebook.

On Saturday, Singapore Airlines apologised and tried to clarify its remarks. “We are aware of that our Facebook and Twitter update on Friday morning may have come across as insensitive to some. The post was in response to many requests from our customers who had asked for information about our flight routes for their upcoming flights with us,” Singapore Airlines said in an email. “We recognise that the information could have been better communicated and we sincerely apologise if it had offended our customers and anyone else in the online community,” it said.