Middle East and North Africa (MENA) residents are the most disengaged at work in the world, an international survey by Gallup has found.

More than one in three are “unhappy and unproductive at work and “liable to spread negativity to co-workers”, the study, which excluded non-Arab expatriates in MENA, found.

Only 10 percent of the region’s workers are engaged, meaning they are psychologically committed to their jobs and likely to be making positive contributions to their organisations, while 55 percent are not engaged, lacking motivation and are less likely to invest discretionary effort in organisational goals or outcomes.

The survey found Gulf states had some of the highest proportions of engaged workers in the world.

Qatar and the UAE were the best, at 28 percent and 26 percent respectively. That compares to an average 13 percent globally.

Saudi Arabia recorded the lowest level of engagement in the region, with only 9 percent engaged, 80 percent not engaged and 11 percent actively disengaged.

The report highlights Bahrain’s relatively high percentage of actively disengaged workers – 29 percent – which it says may be explained in part by relative economic conditions.

“Bahrain controls far less oil than most other Arab Gulf countries, which may clarify why its employees report a lower average household income than other countries in the region,” the report says.

“Further, Bahrain’s employees are far less likely than those in most other Arab Gulf countries to say it is a good time to find a job in their area.” see more 

source: arabianbusiness