Health and care are two different things with different meaning.  When you put them together, they make a word with a complete meaning that can change the entire look of it. ‘Healthcare’ concerns with our health and how to improve it by providing proper treatment.

Today people take a great interest when it comes to health as new types of diseases are heard each day. Now that is scary! Besides that, this is the newest 2016 trend to look after you. With great interest, comes a great value. Have you ever been to a hospital for a simple checkup, seen the bill at the end? It is shocking. It seems like only the wealthy ones are allowed for visiting the doctor, where else the poor cannot even think of falling sick.

If you have not noticed by now, this year’s population health rate has increased, so have our abilities to use the data insights to effect real change. We are already aware of how much memory and management are required to handle the data of so many patients, so to make everything easy healthcare shook hands with the world of technology. In healthcare, we have an extreme benefit over retail organizations.

You see to handle such huge amount of data, hospital requires of various or a single software that can manage, store and keep the data secure. Most hospitals are worry about complexity created by data filled by each patient from do not know how many years. A huge amount of data is known as Big Data, which is becoming a huge success in the technology industry. To learn more about Big Data, you can easily take a course on big data hadoop training.

With proper software installed on your laptop or PC, you can easily handle the billing process, schedules, etc. The heart of driving the hospital is the loyalty and a promise to have a healthy life.

Here is a list of all the software that is popular all around the globe. Their reviews were astonishing, proved that this software is mostly used by the hospitals.


Practice management software is highly recommended to dentists and doctors plus Orthodontics module. It is a desktop software with the power of anytime, anywhere and on any device that computing. Cloud computing is utilized for storing huge amount of data. They do the work of servers, but they are more secure than the servers are. BoostSys distribution is based on Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile application as Android Native.

BoostoSys has some amazing features that make it desirable software today.

  • Boosts up the dentist or doctors branding, practice and relationship with patients.
  • Unparalleled set of features
  • Great value for money

Some more exclusive features include restorative charting, lab work tracking, positive promotion, dashboard and treatment packages etc. BoostoSys subscription is available in three plans. They are Delight, Infinity, and Practice Booster. You may pick your plan based on what features you require and then you can upgrade it anytime.

It does not have the HIPAA compliant, Claims Management, and Insurance Eligibility Verification feature in it. Otherwise, it has been rated 5 stars.

eHospital System2

It is integrated and comprehensive hospital management software. A medical software that is used for managing all the aspects of a hospital operation such as OPD management and IPD Management, medical billing, Appointment, Patient Registration and corresponding services. It has all the features that one hospital needs. From accounting management to Revenue Management, everything is available. This software is free and it is provided with a free trial so that you can try first before downloading it. eHospital System has a distributed database.

Medisoft V21

Today, hospitals use software for scheduling and billing, known as “Medisoft V21”. It helps in boosting the efficiency and less time is spent on administrative tasks. Along with the latest technologies in hardware, there is an increment in the software industry. Doctors need to make sure that their practices are taking care of their patients as well as providing them with improvised productivity. We need to bring an improvisation in the medical business so that enough money can be saved to increase the productivity.

Medisoft V21 helps in increasing your revenue by automating many of your practice processes. It is cloud-based software known as SaaS.

Start your free trial and see how Medisoft will help you free up more time for your patients with affordable medisoft pricing.

Yocale 3

Yocale provides Doctors and any medical clinics with convenient scheduling. More features like, Marketing, reporting, patient management, and all the essential full-service tools that fit well with your business needs today. It can help in evolving your business to grow to a new level. Canada was the place where it was developed and it has only grown.

The software starting price is $25.00 per month and it has a different price for 5 or 10 users.



It is one of the oldest software that was designed in the United States. Gradually, it became the ultimate tool to improve efficiency and to increase revenue stream.

This software is very popular among small medical practices where the patient records and billing is minimal. Its starting value is $448.83 month per user but before paying, you can experience it by using the free demo.

The Ultra Charts system comprises of billing, electronic medical records, patient portal, and Appointments. This system is easy to learn, fully integrated and completely certified.


All types of Healthcare organizations mostly use this software. It is old software developed in the United Kingdom. It was a great success that everyone used it from organizations to solo practices in clinics. It has all the features like voice reporting, image integration, work lists, advanced reporting, lab module, full patient management, and exchange system.

Its starting price starts from $49.00 monthly per user and then only you can get the license for lifetime use. Health.NET is the most complete all in one solution for your work.


By: Erica Silva