KABUL: Lawmakers on Monday while marking the sixth death anniversary of their colleagues asked the government to take serious action against insurgents.
The lawmakers in their speeches asked the government to identify and bring the perpetrators involved in killing of their colleagues as well as a range of the murdering to justice.
Speaker of the Lower House (LH) of the parliament, Abdul Rawoof Ebrahemi said that the government should take coherent and well planned measures to get rid of those insurgents who do not want to join peace process and spare lives of innocent Afghans.
?The speaker while criticizing the incumbent government for its snail-pace response towards militancy said that authorities concerned failed to identify those responsible for the killings of around 20 lawmakers who were assassinated in different parts of the country. ?“It is duty of the government to search for killers of the MPs and senators as well as to bring them to justice,” he remarked.?
Ebrahemi while suggesting a peaceful solution to end the ongoing conflicts in the country requested insurgents to lay down their weapons and join the peace process.?
Deputy speaker of the Upper House (UH), Muhammad Alam Ezedyar said the government was not interested to probe the cases, hence the parliamentarians should form a special commission comprised of the lawmakers to pressurize the authorities to investigate the assassination cases on priority basis.
Lawmakers also stressed on national unity among Afghans and said that leaders and the government should take steps to bring different ethnic groups under one umbrella.
Sayed Ali Kazemi, an MP from Kabul, alleged the government and politicians for fanning differences among the people. “There are number of politicians who deliberately increased gap between different groups for personal gains,” he added.
Kazemi while showing his support in favor of the proposed investigative commission to identify the assassins of lawmakers said that the committee should put pressure on the government to unveil faces of those who are behind the attacks.
Attaullah Jan Habeb, another MP from Kandahar, while terming the assassinations of lawmakers as a plot by Pakistan and British said the government was unable to find arrest the culprits and prove its credibility.
Lawmakers marked the November 5, as National Unity Day. On this day (November 5) six MPs were assassinated who were part of the Economy National Committee. The committee was led by Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, one of the prominent Jihadi leaders and Kabul MP who was killed in Baghlan.
It is worth to mention here that 14 lawmakers including senators and MPs were killed during different terror bids.?
Names of the killed lawmakers ascertained by this scribe are: Sayed Mustafa Kazemi, Aaref Zaref, Saheburahman Hemat, Nazukmeer Sarferaz, Abdul Mateen, Habeebullah Khan, Sebghatullah Zaki, Muhammad Hashem Watanwal, Ahmad Khan Samangani, Mutalib Big, Abdul Saboor Fared, Mawlawi Islamudeen Muhammadi, Arsalan Rahmani and Muhammad Yonus.?
Numbers of top officials including Professor Burhanuddin Rabani, Chief of High Peace Council, were assassinated but the government yet to hunt down the groups involved in these attacks and show progress.