London: Manny Pacquiao says he “feels pity” for arch-rival Floyd Mayweather and is resigned to the fact that the fight the world has been waiting for will not happen. But he says he is open to fighting Amir Khan in Britain.

The ‘Floyd Mayweather Question’ remains on everyone’s lips when Pacquiao is around, as the world waits to see whether the two most decorated prize fighters of this generation will ever meet in a ring in what could be the biggest grossing fight of all time, estimated at being worth $250 million (Dh920 million).
“I’ll never be frustrated if the Floyd fight doesn’t happen,” the eight weight world champion said, answering the question as patiently as he can.

“Though I’m ready to fight him anytime, anywhere — it’s him who refuses. I’ve made it clear that I want to fight him — it’s up to him now.”

Pacquiao jokes that if the two cannot fight, they should meet one-on-one on a basketball court but, getting serious, he said: “Modesty aside, I’m happy and content with the legacy I have in boxing, even if I don’t fight Floyd.

“I always want to make the fans happy though, and I know they want that fight. I also know that if we did fight, it would be good for the sport… see more

source: gulfnews