Usually people puts ads for used cars, furniture or even pets online, but this man from Wakefield, Yorkshire, went a step further. He put his ‘used wife’ on sale. Her reaction? Priceless!

As reported by Metro, 33-year old Simon O’Kane, jokingly listed his wife Leandra, 27, on eBay, after “she failed to give him enough sympathy when he was feeling ill”. However his wife, who found out about the ad after her colleague told her about it, was not amused.

She told Metro, “I was absolutely fuming – I wanted to kill him. Everyone at work saw it and were laughing their heads off. Not only did he put me up for sale but he used such a bad photo. He always moans he’s poorly, he’s a hypochondriac, then he swans off to the gym for three – four hours at a time. I told him if that if he can go to the gym then he doesn’t deserve my sympathy.”

The ad titled ‘Used Wife’ had received bids topping £65,000 – before eBay removed the listing. “If eBay hadn’t taken the listing down, who knows how much I would have got?” she told Metro.

Simon also mentioned in the ad:

Pros: ‘decent bodywork’; Cons: ‘Often makes this noise that cannot be silenced unless you order brand new shiny parts of metal.’

‘Offers welcome, may consider a part exchange for a younger model.’

Simon said he put the ad up “after getting fed up with Leandra’s lack of sympathy. I came in after work feeling a bit tired and unwell – my was wife doing the usual concerned bit but said I was burning the candle at both ends and was basically just whining at me. I thought “right I’m going to put you up for sale”.”… see more

source: khaleejtimes