AMPANG: Beautiful actress Diana Danielle Danny Beeson and actor cum director Farid Kamil Zahari were married in a lavish wedding at a hotel here.

Diana, 21, who started her acting career at the age of 13, has so far starred in 10 local films while Farid, 31, who started as a model to pay for his tuition fees while studying in Universiti Teknologi Mara in 1991, has so far acted in over 20 dramas and movies.

The couple was last paired together in the move Hantu Gangster.

The pair was engaged on Sept 2 and the bride’s side will hold a wedding reception on Nov 21, which would also mark her 21st birthday.

Over 300 guests and close family members, including local celebrities and media representatives attended the lavish wedding yesterday.

Diana received a mas kahwin (dowry) of RM10,000 and gifts valued at RM20,000 in gold.

She was dressed in a white and pink traditional gown while Farid looked smart in a white suit.

The bridal party also received five trays of gifts in the form of Kawasaki KSR 110 mini motorcycles, Tiffany & Co. rings, Quran, sireh junjung and money.

The groom received seven trays of gifts which include rings, wallets, a photo album, a mini motorcycle and Hugo personal care products.

Among the celebrities who attended the wedding were MIG producer David Teo and actors Yana Samsudin and Igram Dinzly.