The era of the mom and pop shop is nearly totally extinct at this point in time. While those stores did serve a purpose during their heyday, the fact is that now a lot of the companies that most of us interact with on a regular business are large corporations. We have to interface with these companies because they have pushed their competitive advantages to such an extent that they may be the only game in town for certain items or services. Regardless of our exact reasoning for having to interact with the larger companies, the fact remains that part of what makes them so compelling is how they use data.

Making Data More Important

A lot of people think that data only matters when talking about big businesses. That is just not the case though. What people are seeing and thinking when they believe like that is distorted. The Boston Globe makes the point that while many big businesses are known for their data storage and usage, they are not the only ones who can benefit from these processes. In fact, did you ever stop to think that perhaps the reason these companies got so big in the first place is because they use data so well?

Making data collection and storage needs to become a priority for any business or institution. It is the only way that they can function to the fullest extent that they are capable of.

Making Big Data More Accessible And Affordable

You may know that having big data could help your company market to customers better, but you may have some reservations about the cost of storing all of that data. That is a legitimate thing to be worried about. Google BigQuery is the data storage solution from the largest search engine in the world. Google is a company that we already trust with all of those Internet searches that we do on a daily basis, so why not also look to them for some data storage? That is exactly what some people have started to do, and it seems to be working out pretty well for them.

The system allows you to more easily pull out bits of data whenever you need them by simply searching for the information that you require. At the same time, it helps the average person to keep a lot more of their data stored at one time than they were ever able to in the past. The costs are kept within reason, and the results are that many of us will have better outcomes with our customers because we simply know more about them and what drives them.

Machines Are Learning Quickly, You Have To Keep Up

The truth is that machines are learning incredibly quickly. We already have computers that are able to store more information within them than the human brain can in an entire lifetime. It is expected that soon we will have computers with more information than the entire human race combined.

You have to prepare your business or institution for the reality that the machines are going to start playing a much bigger role in data and in our lives in general in the not so distant future. It is a necessity at this point that you have a lot of technology working for you and helping propel your business towards a brighter future. Anything short of that and you are doing yourself a major disservice.

Do not fear technology but adapt to it. That is the only way that we as a human race can possibly continue to strive forward into the future. We know that technology is going to be a bigger force than it ever was in the past. All that we have to do is be ready for the changes that it is going to bring along with it.


by: Sia Hasan