More than half (55 per cent) of UAE respondents are expecting a salary increase in 2016, according to the 2016 Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey, conducted by and YouGov.

In the UAE, less than one in five professionals (18 per cent) believe that their salary is competitive with other companies in their industry, while the majority believe that their salary is lower than the industry average (64 per cent).

When asked about the industries which offer the highest salaries, oil, gas and petrochemicals (37 per cent), banking and finance (30 per cent) and airline/aviation (29 per cent) emerged at the highest paying industries for UAE respondents.

Fifty one per cent of UAE respondents claim the salary they earn is the main driver behind their loyalty to their company, while one-third (32 per cent) claimed their loyalty is not linked to the salary they receive. Besides salary, long-term career advancement opportunities (40 per cent) and line manager (35 per cent) emerged as the most important factors driving employee loyalty in the UAE.

“This study was especially designed to provide employers with insights into employee satisfaction levels with their salary and raises. This information is key to guiding both employers and job seekers, so the mismatch between salaries offered and expectations can be successfully addressed,” said Suhail Masri, vice-president of employer solutions,

In 2015, around one in five (21 per cent) respondents in the UAE received a promotion, with two thirds of them (62 per cent) receiving an accompanying salary increase.

Close to half of UAE respondents (46 per cent) said they have not received a pay raise in 2015, and 30 per cent of those who did were quite dissatisfied with their raise. In fact, only nine per cent of UAE respondents said their raise was above the inflation rate; 17 per cent said it was in line with the inflation rate, and 52 per cent said the raise they received was below the current rate of inflation. .. see more

source: khaleejtimes