Police blocked thousands of demonstrators in Amman from heading to the royal palace to vent their anger over sharp hikes in fuel prices.
“The people want to reform the regime. God is greater than injustice. Freedom is from God,” chanted what AFP estimated at more than 10,000 people, including hard-liners, leftists and youth groups.
They shouted in anger as they gathered outside the Husseini Mosque in downtown Amman.
Demonstrators held banners reading, “playing with prices means playing with fire,” “this is a real revolt against corruption” and “no reform without political and economic change. Long live the revolt of Jordanians.”
Police prevented them from heading for the palace around eight km from the mosque, but no clashes were reported, an AFP reporter said.
Similar but smaller demonstrations took place in other parts of Jordan, including the southern cities of Tafileh, Karak and Maan, as well as Irbid and Jerash in the north.
Unrest erupted in Jordan on Tuesday night after announcement of a 53 percent increase in the price of household gas and a 12 percent rise in petrol.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has urged its citizens to stay away from public gatherings and universities in Jordan, SPA reported.
The Kingdom’s embassy “warned Saudi employees and students in Jordan from going to public squares or approaching sites of gatherings and demonstrations,” SPA said.
And the US Embassy has warned Americans to avoid areas where demonstrations are being held, while saying it was “carefully monitoring the security situation in Amman and throughout the country.”


ref: www.arabnews.com