“Life is never about proving people that you are a good person.
Sometimes,  the bad things matter.
For in your dark side,  you see people who are ready to light the road with you.
It’s not how many your friends are,  or how people roam around you,
But it’s how few of them accepts of being you.
For in your nothingness,  people who are TRUE to you find reasons to
love you still.”

A raindrop may seem too small to matter, but somewhere, a thirsty
flower awaits its fall.

Though what we do seems insignificant, somewhere a heart remembers.

Our little good deeds always leave a trace. They reflect God’s immense
love and pave the way for His unfathomable will!

“I knew I had nothing left”  … a statement from a storm victim after
seeing her home badly damaged.  We know that in every storm there is a
message … a gift of life,  a gift of love.

If life is a journey,  it must be completed.

If life is a battle,  it must be won.

If life is a pilgrimage,  it must be concluded.

If life is a race,  it must be finished.

Thank you for my life and allowing me to live my life to the fullest.

“When all our hopes are gone,  it is best our hands to keep toiling on
for other’s sake.  For strength to bear is found on duty done.”

Inhale all the goodness,  exhale all your fears and worries then SMILE
and say:  thank you for another day, another hope.

It is best to show our dear ones that we love and care them so much
when they are still alive.

Villainy wears many masks,  none of which are more dangerous than virtue.

Never miss the chance of spending time with people you love.
Remember,  when it comes to life there are no rewinds.

“All the popularity and all the money will never fill the emptiness
that lurks within the heart of every person.”

Express your love in the strongest way possible.  NEVER let these days
go to waste without a kiss or a hug for someone you love.


By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva



  1. Marge, I sincerely congratulate you for all these accomplishments… I believe your are writing about yourself. Tungkay a gayed ka proud imo. Hura kud haini katun-i ta hari ke man tag-aha, hari kud gani agkakilala sa pamilya nu. Marge, bisan en marakel sa nauma nu duen pagkinabuhi, permi a tag ampo inyo sa mga bata daw mga apo ho mga suled ko ha hari nuy malipatan sa pagtuo nuy duen ho husto dalan ho kaliwasan ha nadawat taw diya ki JesuCristo. Hinduen kaw en imanto tagtima. Kamusta duen alan pamilya nu. Agkalaas ad en na hari kid en gaid magahaay …I want to let you know that I care for all mga apo ko duen ho mga pagumangkon ku. God bless us all!