Since the Renaissance, mankind has tapped into the notion that the universe is not only rational, but that it can be investigated. Against all odds, mankind is beginning to understand the fabric of the universe. The modern scientist can understand how and why things happen. She can predict when there will be a natural catastrophe and either take measures to prevent it or ensure that nobody is harmed. But as science has progressed, mankind has realized that it can be wielded not only to learn about the universe, but also to improve the quality of life for all people.

Control Appliances From The Mobile Phone

The very concept of remotely turning on the heater from the mobile phone would have seemed like witchcraft a few short decades ago. But with the innovations of the modern home, the majority of the appliances can be controlled from the phone. If somebody leaves the house in a rush and is worried that she left the stove top on, she can check on her phone and turn it off. If she wants to warm up the house before she gets home from work, she can do that without leaving the heater on all day. It can control lights, sound, and even the coffee pot.

A Home Robot

A television show about the future would typically feature home robots as a common amenity. It seems that the future is here. Home robots have already become relatively popular. Some can talk and mimic human personality. They can perform annoying household chores, tell bedtime stories to the children, start a random conversation or tell a little joke. Other robots are designed for security purposes, often to intimidate possible intruders. If a thief sneaks into a home and hears, “Stop! Police!” he will be likely to flee even if he sees that it is a robot talking to him.

Vaping Technology

Most smokers will say that they want to quit. They plan to quit eventually. But every time they try, the withdrawal symptoms are too much. If they try to satisfy the quench for nicotine with the patch or some other alternative, the desire to sit and have a smoke is still too compelling. Many people have turned to vaping as a method of quitting. With a host of vapor mods, it is easy to find a device that works for everyone. There are even varying levels of nicotine. The person who is quitting can wean herself off nicotine while still vaping until her heart is content.

Driver Assistance Features

Many people encounter bad drivers all over the road. They will cut you off, speed ahead of you, tailgate, creating a very dangerous situation. Situational awareness and builtin mechanisms can help. That is what the latest in driving technology has to offer. Newer vehicles have a host of driver assistance features, such as cameras that display the entire road, brake assistance, blind spot monitoring, and much more. These luxuries will make the commute to work much more enjoyable.

Home Security

The most advanced home security system used to be a little panel with a keypad and lights inside the house. However, that security system could be vulnerable to somebody who is skilled in engineering to bypass it. Further, somebody (such as a house guest) could learn the code. That is why many homeowners are opting for the security system that they can set from their phone. A little peace of mind goes a long way.

There are good reasons to be enthusiastic about technology. It is only getting better.


By: Kevin Faber