We all have low moments. Just claw your way up out of darkness and be
a beacon of light and inspiration to others.

The more good you attract,  the more the odd bad  will show up. Do try
and keep focused on the good, not the odd bad.

“Simple” as this,  raise your “Vibration” doing ALL that you do and
you will “attract” that of like minded. Hence the “lower” vibrational
energies leaving your “higher Vibrational Vortex”.

The last thing you need in your life is negative energy.  Feed
yourself from people with positive energy as a flower would in the
warm sunshine. And from that after,  glow and rise above the negative.

Never fear as long as you are in your truth.  If others are so
judgmental you should pity them because you are on a good path and the
other person needs some work.

Nobody needs the kind of drama like negativity and judgmental
comments. Be gentle with your tongue.

No one is in the position to judge you or anyone else. Be in good
company so be thankful  if someone unfriended you just because of your

Someone might be jealous of how well you are fighting your own
battles. Don’t let the person get to you.

If some people just pass you by, they might have issues  with negative
energy. You are an amazingly beautiful soul,  sweet and generous,
never forget that.

Never allow  your “friend’s” superior attitude get to you. No one can
call them selves a true friend if they are in judgment and/or
projecting their own stuff onto you.   Continue to make this world a
better place.

We all go through our spiritual growth and healing.  It can be very
healing to post what inspires us and even the times that we struggle
with, showing our vulnerability is very healing. Keep shining and
share your gifts to the world.

Don’t let the unkind remarks of other person make you feel bad or as
though you are less of a person. What you’re doing is something you
not only enjoy but that also brings a smile to others. And that is all
that matters in life.

Thinking of you with love. Follow the path of your beautiful heart.
Loved,and be loved.  Keep loving.

So many people expecting something for nothing.   Do not let negative
people  get to you as you have many who love you and care about the
real you.

What other people think of you is none of your business. It’s theirs
to deal with and remember, you are on the path that is right for you.

Do not let others in this world dance on your parade.  Just have a
true heart,  never harm others  and be true to yourself.   All is well
that ends well.

Wipe the dust off your feet and bless others. They have their own
issues in life.  Learn to change for the better and let go of

Some people are just losing their marbles lately and taking it out on
others. If you experience this kind of negativity, remember, you don’t
deserve it nor did you do anything wrong. Share your healing thoughts
and energy instead of being in despair.



By:  Margie Gellor Villanueva