Dear ,

Whoever you are,

Its difficult I know, Life


Life is beautiful if you have the wisdom to understand it.

Crave for small moments of happiness and

Change it into beautiful memories to be recollected at leisure


Life is full of surprises…

Give some surprises and take some…

Experience it and make your life beautiful…


“Life is beautiful” learn to accept necessary changes…

and Enjoy the change…


Life has a way for finding what’s good for you,

God has a way of choosing what’s good for you.

Have some faith and put a smile on your face!


In times like this, stand up, SMILE,

Be strong, pray for better days,

Believe the best is yet to come,

Appreciate the good things.


Life is beautiful could be a story about new beginnings.

It is a celebration of life and its smaller joys.

Life is just beautiful. Feel your existence.

You are here at this moment reading this. You are alive.

You have a life. Isn’t it beautiful  ???


May you, me and everyone around be happy and blessed with

A beautiful Life


Your’s Sincerely,

Life is beautiful. 


By: JB